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We provide a comprehensive, managed inspection and testing service which includes periodic formal inspection and testing together with full supporting documentation.


Our inspection and testing service is in accordance with the proscribed tests and intervals in the Institution of Electrical Engineers ‘Code of Practice for In-Service Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment’.

Formal Inspection & Testing

Formal Visual Inspection is carried out prior to testing and includes checks on;-

  • The Casing
  • The Connecting Lead
  • The Plug
  • The Fuse

Testing consists of  the following;-

  • Earth Continuity Test
    To check that the earth continuity conductor is connnected to the exposed metalwork of Class I equipment and that it's resistance is below a set level.
  • Insulation Resistance Test
    To check that the insulation provided against contact is intact and it's resistance is above a set level.
    Certain types of equipment (IT etc) cannot tolerate the norminal test voltage of 500V dc applied to it during insulation resistance testing. We provide an alternative method of 'earth leakage' measurement which is applied as part of the Load Test.
  • Load Test
    The equipment, under test, is powered up to check that it is working to it's full capacity, eg, all elements of an electric fire are functioning.

Who should carry out the inspection and testing ?

The Electricity at Work Regulations No.16 requires that; -
'No person shall be engaged in any work activity where technical knowledge or experience is necessary to prevent danger or, where appropriate, injury, unless he possesses such knowledge or experience, or is under such degree of supervision as may be appropriate having regard to the nature of of work'
The Health and Safety Executive memorandum of guidance HSR 25 recommends that such equipment be regularly inspected and tested by a competent person.

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Electrical Equipment Maintenance and Testing (2377)

Why Choose Us?

All work is carried-out by our fully trained and insured operatives.

We offer a free assessment visit. At your convenience, one of our specialists will visit your premises, review your inventory of electrical appliances and discuss with you the regime for inspection and testing you need to have in place to meet your legal obligations.

We will provide you with a fully itemised quotation for the work required.

We aim to minimise disruption to your business operations (generally, all inspection & testing is carried out at your premises) or for small items, we can collect and return the items to you after testing.


A durable adhesive Bar-Code label, with unique identifier, is fixed to each item of equipment to be inspected/tested (if this has not already been done). Following inspection and testing, Pass (normally green) or Fail (red) labels are fixed to the equipment. For large installations the pass labels can be colour coded for area or inspection/test interval as required.

(Andromeda Electrical use labels supplied by AOK PAT Labels, featured)


We provide you with a total solution, a fundamental part of which is accurate and complete documentation (not just a label stuck on the equipment or lead !).

We maintain the test results in our computerised database. Once records are entered the results cannot be altered.

We will notify you as to when the next Inspection or Combined Inspection and Test is imminent.

We will also inspect and test 3 phase portable equipment and production machinery.

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Test Equipment 

We use the latest ‘state of the art’ microprocessor controlled test equipment, regularly calibrated, providing accurate testing and reports.

(Andomeda Electrical use test equipment manufactured by Fluke/Robin, featured). 

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Our Charges  

Following our initial assessment visit, should you wish us to proceed with inspection and testing, we will provide you with a fully itemised quotation for the work required.

Our  rates are competitive and based on the quantity of items to be inspected and tested. Generally the more items to be inspected and tested the cheaper the cost.
Should faults be uncovered with plugs, leads and fuses during inspection, we will carry-out minor repairs/replacement with new materials supplied at cost, plus a small charge for fitting.


Following receipt of payment, we will send you a copy of the asset register/test results within fourteen working days.

The Inspection & Test records that we produce are computer generated and tailored to meet your requirements. This enables us to provide you with an asset register based on one or more locations or by identity.

Additionally, we can provide you with the test records, as a soft copy on a CD, in .pdf or MS Excel spreadsheet form.

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