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Andromeda Electrical are experienced in the provision of solutions to earthing problems in industrial applications such as Oil & Gas, Petrochem and Pharmaceutical installations.



Bad earthing can have a major detrimental affect on the safety of an electrical installation.

The functionality of a systems protective devices relies on a good earth connection.

'Bad earths' can also cause 'earth loop's. Earth loops can have a significant on the operation of equipment eg, control systems. The design on the earth system,as well as conforming to BS7671, should also look to eliminate earth loops.

Inspection & Testing

Earth systems need to be maintained to ensure they provide the intended level of safety. 

Regular inspection of 'main' earth connections is essential. Testing is also required, on a periodic basis, to ensure that all joints/connections are 'sound' and not badly corroded.

Andromeda Electrical are experienced in the inspection and testing of earthing systems including earth integrity checks on hazardous product Loading Arms.


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