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Do you want to reduce your energy costs ?

Whatever the environment be it commercial or residential, huge savings can be made by replacing your existing Tungsten, Halogen and Fluorescent lamps with LED lamps.

Here are just a few facts about LED lamps;-

LED lamps are the most energy efficient type of lamp available. Good for your bills and good for the planet!

LED lamps have a very long life, 25,000 hours and upwards, that's 10 years or more if used 6 hours per day !

99% of existing lamps and light fittings can be replaced with LED lamps.

LED lamps emit 100% of their light immediately on switch on - no warm up period!

LED lamps emit no ultra-violet light thereby not attracting insects!

For a typical 3 bed property, savings of more than 90%, per annum, are possible by switching to LED lamps from old tungsten filament type lamps. Even 50% savings can be made from switching from compact fluorescent lamps to LED lamps.

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Typical replacement LED flamp for an old tungsten fliament lamp.

Replacement LED lamp for a halogen GU10. These can also replace low voltage Dicroic lamps powered by a transformer.

Replacement LED lamp for a mini fluorescent candle type bulb.



  • Warehouse
  • Garage & Workshop
  • Security Lighting


  • Sports Track and Field
  • Golf Ranges
  • Playgrounds
  • Bollards
  • Street & Pathway
  • Architectural Floodlights

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Typical CORN LED

Up to 70% less electricity usage compared to metal halide lamps.

e.g Changing from a 200W SON lamp to 100W CORN LED lamp uses 55% electricity, uses 55% less CO2, lasts 4 times longer and saves up to £195 over 3 years.

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Typical LED 'Hi-Bay' fitting

Typical LED 'Lo-Bay' fiitting

Typical LED 'Floodlight' fitting

Andromeda Electrical supply LED lamps manufactured by one of the world's oldest and best lighting manufacturers - 'Crompton'.

We can supply or supply and install. 

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